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Step 1:  Destroying the Hepatitis Virus Internally!

   Our Ultimate Monolaurin contains the full range of coconut oil's legendary monoglycerides of: MonoLaurin, MonoCaprin, MonoMyristin and MonoCaprylin.  There are hundreds of clinical studies showing monolaurin kills the hepatitis virus directly and fights internal body infections.  (We include several studies on our site.)
Step 2:  Helping the Liver to Recover from Cirrhosis.
   We have developed a 5 enzyme blend that will dissolve the scar tissue that Hepatitis inflammation builds up.  This can actually restore liver function to damaged livers! 
(There is more information about monolaurin, herpes & hepatitis below,
- or scroll to the bottom for prices.) 

 The Problem and Answer:

   Most of you know the hepatitis virus causes big problems - but especially with the liver.  Conventional medicine usually treat hepatitis with two drugs: interferon, an immune booster, and ribavirin, an oral antiviral.  These come with limited succes, are expensive and have side effects difficulties. 

   The good news is that nature already has an answer for hepatitis!  As such, we have developed a "2-Step System" of using natural products to fight Hepatatis on two different fronts.  Our natural recommendations also do not interfere with, or have reactions with, these standard medical procedures.  (This means you do not have to interrupt standard treatment to add our protocol.) 

   (Medical Note:  As with all natural nutrients, no one has the tens of millions of dollars needed to provide sufficient healing evidence to the FDA.  However, the clinical evidence provided on our site, as well as the testimony of many doctors and patients, is overwhelming that monolaurin provides tremendous relief!  We, as with doctors, do not claim a "cure" since the herpes virus can hide in cells.  However, we can deal with the active form!  We always recommend for people to continue following the treatment plans of your doctor.  Advise him/her of taking monolaurin.  It is non-toxic, does not create resistant organisms and can be taken alongside conventional medications.) 

Step 1.  Ultimate Monolaurin - the Internal Hepatitis Fighter

   Explorers wondered why the South Sea natives were so resistant to the diseases that killed so many of American Indians and other tribes.  Eventually, researchers at MSU discovered that their bodies converted some of the coconut oil in their diet into monolaurin.  They eventually also made the connection that monolaurin is also in its highest concentration in nature in mother's milk.  Monolaurin helps defends an infant until its own immune system comes up to speed.

   Why is that important?  Because monolaurin has been shown to kill all bacterial pathogens it is exposed to -and also the hepatitis virus! 
   It is pretty simple how it does it.  Monolaurin absorbs into the flimsy lipid envelope (skin) of the different forms of the hepatitis virus.  When it does this, it interrupts the virus reproductive activities - and eventually causes its skin to rupture.  The virus then dies and is filtered out of the blood.  Some viruses have a different skin (such as polio) and monolaurin doesn't kill them - but it does a great job on hepatitis! 
   All three monoesters of coconut oil have been shown to be active antimicrobials, i.e., monoLaurin, monoCaprin, and monoMyristin, so we include all three, but monolaurin is the workhorse!  However, it is good to have all three because it is reported that the effects are additive (they work together) so can be more powerful together.  (Isaacs and Thormar 1990).
   Another advantage of monolaurin is that it is much safer than other products because it does not harm the body cells or good bacteria!  Our normal body cells, and the good bacteria so important to digestion, have a different type of skin!  Monolaurin doesn't absorb into them. 
   Ultimate Monolaurun is also much easier on the stomach than coconut oil because it is concentratedin form.  A teaspoon of small pellets (about 85 pellets in a teaspoon) gives you as much monolaurin as a cup of coconut oil would.  Ultimate Monolaurun is the perfect internal Hepatitis fighter.  (You can find much more information and clinical studies about monolaruin in our A-Z index if you desire, andDosage here.)
Brick Wall Note:  If you take our Monolaurin for several months and have a drop in test count but it then stalls, the problem may be that biofilms are protecting the virus.  We can remove them with Bio-Fibrin (not need if you are already taking it for liver restoration).  Here is someBiofilm Information
Step 2:  Bio-Fibrin - Restoring lost Liver Function!  
   Interferon took a hit recently when the New England Journal of Medicine published the HALT-C Trialresults in 2008.  It followed over 1,000 patients for 3.5 years and found that those treated withinterferon fared no better in terms of disease progression that those not treated.  Ouch!
   Fortunately, we have developed a blend of 5 systematic enzymes that will actually dissolve the fibrin scar tissue that builds up in the liver.  It is the scar tissue that comes from the inflammation hepatitis causes that plugs up the liver and blocks off blood supply. 
   Our Bio-Fibrin was actually designed to remove the fibrin cysts that Lyme disease builds up.  It is the same fibrin that builds up in the liver and turns into scar tissue.  Happily, hepatitis suffers are finding a restoration of the function of their liver using the same Bio-Fibrin.  Simply take it while using the monolaurin to get rid of the hepatitis and you can restore liver function as well.  (Severe cases of liver cirrhosis may take a few months longer.)
  For those interested, there is more information here:  Bio-Fibrin Information.
Also Recommended   (but not essential) 

   You can help give your body the nutrients it needs to have more energy and work better with our Ultimate Foundation!  Your body can be very effective in resisting infections - including Hepatitis co-infections.  As such, it is important to give your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy and to have a good immune system.  This makes it essential to be taking a very good multivitamin, mineral and herb supplement.  A good multivitamin is the foundation upon which all other supplements rest.

   If you are already taking a good multivitamin and wish to stay with it, that is fine.  If not, we have designed the best multivitamin, mineral, herb++ supplement in existence!  (We have a spreadsheet comparing over 1,100 multivitamins and can literally say this is the truth.)  There is more information about our Foundation on our site, but we will put the Ultimate Foundation up against any other "premium" multivitamin on the market - and it is priced much lower than other high-end multivitamins.
   Also, Dr. Burton Berkson has developed and used what has been dubbed the "Triple Therapy" for years.  (Berkman.  Med Klin. 1999;94  Suppl 3:84-89.)  It is also not essential, and a smaller amount is in our Foundation, but if you like it and have it in your budget, take 1/2 in the morning, 1/2 in the evening:
1. Alpha-liporic Acid:  (600 mg total).   It lowers the free radicals caused by hepatitis and increases levels of glutathione, the liver's most active antioxidant.
2. Milk Thistle Silymarin:  (900 mg total).   It helps remove fatty tissue and helps regenerate the liver by stimulating new hepatic cells.
3. Selenium:  (400 mcg total).  It fights free radicals and works with monolaurin in slowing the replication of hepatitis C virus.  (Include any selenium amount in other supplements, including a multivitamin.)
   (We do not sell these products.  We usually use the NSI brands at Vitacost.com.  There are also other discount places, such as Swanson's and Pruitan Pride.)

1. The first step is essential:  Monolaurin to fight the actual Hepatitis viral infections internally.
2. Highly recommeded for the Liver: Bio-Fibrin to help the liver recover.
3. Adding the Ultimate Foundation is also not necessary, but very beneficial if you are not already taking a good multi-supplement.  It can help increase the overall healing ability and health of your body against all situations.  (Most of Dr Berkson's nutrients are in the Foundation.)

   The Ultimate Monolaurin information and pricing can be found Here.

   The Ultimate Bio-Fibrin information and pricing can be found Here.

   The Ultimate Foundation information and pricing can be found Here.



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