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Beyond the usual love of music all children enjoy, Minkah acquired a deep fascination with how musical notes were made making musical instruments from rubber bands constructing drums from cans and barrels and discovering wind instruments in glass jugs. In junior high school Minkah joined a local garage band as the lead singer and as the band began to tour he expanded to sound engineer and began to play piano. The computer age was a perfect fit for Minkah who inherited his technical skills from his father a Master Sergeant in the Air Force who Minkah says "He can fix anything electronic I mean anything".

We fast forward to find Minkah has served as Choir and Praise team member and assisted in the church sound dept. Minkah makes music from his home studio using a DAW (Digital/Audio Workstation) on his computer and is sharing his experiences of connection with the Creator of all mankind with his family and interaction with life to inspire and encourage others though expressions of music. Minkah's original sounds are uplifting and anointed. His voice is melodious with a sultry sound that calms and soothe the audience. Minkah is a great listener and counselor, he takes his time and truly thinks before he gives anyone advice. He is known for his gentle and kind words of inspiration. Minkah has a gift of taking one's stories and creating a compilation of songs for individuals. The work that he does speaks for itself.

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The music of Minkah Ali.    



Dr. Nialah Ali

Nialah Ali is the President and CEO of Image within Ministries. She decided to share her life experiences by starting her own company.  Focusing on life skill principles for transforming the authentic self and so much more, the company's concept is based on a true understanding of human nature, the reality of life's inevitable obstacles, and the coping skills necessary to overcome them.

Over the past 25 years, Nialah has been an Image and Wellness Consultant, training and teaching others the Total Image Solution.  With genuine knowledge of Self Development, she has been cited as a leading Motivator and Image Enhancer by the masses in her field.  Nialah has facilitated major North Carolina agencies and organizations, including the Board of Education, the Department of Corrections, Hosanna House, Hand to Hand Agency for Teenage Mothers, Children's Loft, Love Christian Center, and many others.  She has also been the In Touch Facilitator for First Assembly of God.  Her work has been written about in newspapers, she has appeared on TV shows, and she has written for magazines.

Nialah has served on the Board of Directors of the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and on the Planning Committee for Minority Infant Mortality.  She has also had the honor of being a Speaker for the Rosa Parks Institute for Self Development in its Pathway to Freedom Tour, and she was the Guest Speaker for the graduating class of Applied Career Training in Arlington, Virginia.  For 10 years, Nialah has also served as a Therapeutic Instructor for the State of North Carolina.  Community Outreach and Teaching and Training teenagers are some of her greatest passions.


Nialah served in ministry at St. Peter's Word Outreach Center for over thirty years.  Her dedication as a Leader allowed her to function as Counselor, Teacher, Instructor, Praise Team Leader, and Cell Leader, serving in Prayer Ministry and Prison Ministry as well as President of the Wedding Guild.  As a committed member, she volunteered whenever needed. 

Thirty years of the St. Peter's Training programs trained and equipped Nialah to speak and teach the Word of God with Power!!  Nialah knew very early in her walk with God that He wanted to use her to teach His Word, for she understands from experience the deliverance power of Almighty God.

Nialah touches to the bone when she speaks the Word of God.  With abundant compassion and love for the world, Nialah's life testimony captivates individual's hearts.  She identifies with pain, hurt, rejection, abuse and heartache to the core.

Thus, Nialah speaks from experience, not from some random story or fable.  Her intense teaching comes from pain and sorrow.  Nialah Ali was born and raised in Washington, DC, and she has lived the majority of her life in Winston Salem, NC.  Over the years of Nialah's life, she has been abused, tied up, beat up, hung up, handcuffed, battered, single, married, widowed, divorced, drugged but not by choice.  

Nialah uses her stories to let people know God is a healer, a deliverer and a very present help in time of trouble.  Nialah's voice is spoken with the truth and she will not lie to you, she tells you the truth about yourself and guides you step by step along the way to help you stay an overcomer.  She teaches with POWER!!!!  And Fire!!!  You can feel the very presence of God as she speaks with intensity!

Nialah's commitment to those in her neighborhood as well as the surrounding areas was just the foundation God used to equip her for the ministry.  Nialah has used her home and herself to reach out to those who may be hurting or who need the Love of God.  Her heart has always been toward the down cast ones.  Nialah understands and has always been obedient to the Word that Jesus states: When I was hungry did you feed me? When I was naked did you clothe me? When I was homeless, did you take me in? When I was sick did you visit me?Matthew 25:35-40.


Nialah speaks to the whole man – Spirit, Soul, Body.  She speaks to the Spirit man regarding the new Spirit of God the Father dwelling in you.  She talks about how your Soul has to be renewed from its old ways of thinking.  And she reveals how the Body was designed to function on this planet Earth we call home.

Over the past 32 years, Nialah has focused firmly on the Tri-Part human being.  She understands well that humankind has three functions: Spirit-Soul-Body, and she has equipped herself in these three fields, having gained massive knowledge on these subjects.  Her work strengthens those who receive her teaching.  And at the same time, as she teaches others and passes along her knowledge and insight, the act of teaching, speaking, studying and giving in turn strengthens and reinforces her own knowledge and the power of her words!

In quest of understanding, expanding and revealing Spirit, Nialah has spent 31 years under the tutelage of Dr. James Hash.  Taught by him and many other Educated Spiritual Leaders, she has learned of the true operation of the Human Spirit.  From 1977 to 2008, serving in ministry at St. Peter's Word Outreach Center (SPWOC), Nialah taught numerous classes on biblical wisdom.

In quest of teaching and revealing Soul, Nialah has conducted training for the state of North Carolina.  She spent 10 years from 1998 to 2008 as a counselor for therapeutic teenagers, teaching studies included Crisis Intervention, Social Skills, Anticipatory Guidance, Conflict Resolution, Behavior Intervention and much more.

In quest of understanding, enhancing, and revealing Body, Nialah became a Certified Beauty Consultant with Beauti-Control in 1987.  She furthered her career and became a Licensed Esthetician in 1999, specializing in Skin and Body care, and after graduating, she opened and operated her own Day Spa.  As a practicing Esthetician, Nialah's business has served many Celebrities and Dignitaries.

Nialah's focus is not only on the body but on the health and wellness of the body.  She has furthered her career once again by studying at Health Coach Institute, where she was granted certification as a Health Coach.  For over 23 years, Nialah has been teaching her clients the importance of Wellness and Esthetics.

Nialah is a Certified Entrepreneur Graduate of CEO Space, Inc.  She is also a proud member of Powerful Women International.  For her work, Nialah has been granted the Who's Who Worldwide Women of Excellence Award.

Nialah received her earned Doctorate from Breakthrough Bible College. She has her own radio broadcast called Truth Be Told, her words are spoken through the airways by way of WPGR.TV 

Indeed, the skills Nialah has amassed over the years, along with her unique combination of experiences, has prepared her well to meet the challenges of mankind and assist others in that noble quest.

Nialah is also a published author. She penned her autobiography Free at Last and Freedom within the Looking Glass. Nialah loves to dance and to paint.  She is married, and with her husband they have four children – two boys and two girls.






We are proud to announce Dr. Nialah Ali's new book release Free at Last. Dr. Ali's book will surely get the attention of its readers. The book is her autobiography touching on how angels and demons fight for your life. The story surrounds the challenges she faced as a young teenager with a twist on warfare in the heavens during those perilous times.
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