Up and Coming Books

Look for Nialah's new books coming soon!! 2014

You don't want to miss out on the true stories Nialah will share with her audience. Nialah's experiences good and bad will be shared in these wonderful books.

Highlights: First book My Angels won the War Nialah's true life story regarding the fight for her life from the age of 15-19 will change your life. Nialah knows on hand about Angels and Demons. Her books will share how Angels and Demons fight in the unseen world to destroy families, communities, cities and countries. You will know with out a shadow of doubt that if God be for you, who can be against you.   

Highlights: Second Book Intimacy Between the Father and I Learn how your relationship with the Father will open doors and allow you to go into the unseen world. You will be able to understand that time spent alone with God the Father is the most important  asset for your life.

Highlights: Third Book Destroy the root of Rejection with Jesus the Counselor Throughout our life time we will experience some form of rejection. Nialah will share her insights on the root cause of rejection, and how you can be totally free from it. 

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